11-23-2014 - Sensual writing

Wendy MacGown     

Adoption fiction Wendy has been touched by adoption all of her life. Various cousins joined the family through adoption. Her first boyfriend, his sister, and many childhood friends were adopted. As an adult, she adopted two girls from China to complete her own family. Her sisters series lets you live in that world, giving you a richer understanding of adoptions gains and losses.
High tech fiction 30-plus-year veteran of the computer industry, Wendy has lived and breathed the software development world from many angles. She gives the reader an intimate view of the inner workings during the mini-computer boom of the 1980's. Step into her world of familiar people and next-door places so you can see for yourself.
Religious fiction Wendy's spiritual evolution began in the Evangelical Protestant community, where she witnessed first hand how the basic tenants of Christianity were superseded by the expediency of power.