11-23-2014 - Sensual writing

Wendy MacGown

Wendy's books span a variety of topics: adoption, high-tech, and the Baptist community of New England, based based purely on experience, fulfilling the adage - write what you know.

A 30-plus-year veteran of the computer industry, she recreated the mini-computer boom times of the 1980s in Megabyte Rush, based on her experiences at Honeywell and Wang Laboratories. Her high tech career provides excellent fodder for her fertile imagination. Though technical writing is her profession, fiction is her passion. She calls herself a writer, and is as comfortable writing technical material for developers, as she is crafting complex tales for the mass market.

Wendy's first two novels, Little Sister and its sequel Big Sister, deal with the complexities of adoption. Calling on her experience as an adoptive parent, she explores all facets of the adoption triangle, from the perspective of child, birth parent and adoptive parent.

Wendy's third book, The Crystal Fishbowl depicts domestic violence within the Baptist community of New England. In this novel, Wendy draws on her childhood experience of growing up Baptist to focus on the self-righteousness and hypocrisy that often results in violence and hatred toward women, especially preacher's wives.

Wendy lives on Boston's North with her husband and two lovely daughters.