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Sensual writing

Writers translate events into sets of words that enable the reader to traverse time and space to experience the same, but only in their minds. Sensual writing adds dimension. Take a look at these examples.

  • His captors left him tied up in a broken chair in a dark room. And now this chick comes in and is rubbing her lips across his face. He has no idea who she is, what she looks like, or why she's here. But considering the nice way she smells and the shot of drugs they'd given him, he wanted her to keep doing it.
  • She brushed her lips across his weathered, scratchy face, her breath like ripe peaches. He couldn't see her face, but imagined she was young and supple, and her hair, which brushed his scarred chest, a cloud of silken midnight. It didn't matter what she looked like or why they'd sent her. Tied to a broken down chair in stuffy, dark room, his head whirled with her scent and the drugs they'd injected into his arm. He only wanted her to do it again.