11-23-2014 - Sensual writing

Adoption triad stories


What does one do with an unwanted girl; whether an unmarried aunt in a crowded apartment, or a girl child, when a son is required? The day her nephew is born, Wong Ying Fa, a Chinese silk embroiderer, considers her future. Blessed with a lucky face and a loving family, she wants to meet a man who can hold an intelligent conversation.

Gwai Ha is that man; traveled, sophisticated and handsome. Best of all, he wants her, and not solely because his uncle, their Party Boss, demands an heir. Her dreams die when she bears a girl. Betrayed by her family, and faced with a cruel choice, she and Gwai Ha must abandon their child in order to survive. Read an excerpt.
Adopting a baby from China should be a fairy tale ending to a story of loss. But life offers no guarantees, no matter how a family is formed. Children come with needs, while middle age presents its own set of challenges. The goals from our thirties often seem hollow, unattainable or irrelevant. Illness can make its sudden devastating appearance.

Big Sister, the sequel to Little Sister; is the story of such a family, twice blessed by adoption. Mark and Rena, the American couple who adopted the baby Mooi Mooi (now called Jennie) from Little Sister. While adopting Jennie satisfied their yearning for a child; adopting Lily, their second daughter, blew apart a marriage already edging toward divorce. Read an excerpt.