11-23-2014 - Sensual writing

High tech in the 1980s


Meet Megan Rosswell, a minicomputer support analyst living life to the fullest in the go-go tech boom of the 1980s. Itís a time when 64K is enough RAM to run the latest version of VisiCalc; when 1200-baud modems are the Ferraris of the bulletin board systems. And for Megan, itís a time to rebel against her strict Baptist upbringing in between mega-workweeks at Smith Labs, the hottest new minicomputer manufacturer and economic saving grace of Lowell, Mass.

Then, like some unexpected operating system error, the party comes to a grinding halt. Meganís smooth-talking pilot husband is fired for being drunk on the job, and a family tragedy makes her a mom even as an old flame, never lit, offers love. And when someone steals her baby, Megan suddenly must fight for all sheís earned. Read an excerpt.